Speakers Heather George, Woodland Cultural Centre, Jessica Kirk, Wildseed Centre for Art & Activism and Debbie Owusu Akyeeah, Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity. Photo courtesy of Kaitlyn Patience.

Resources from "Brave Space, Third Space: Creative Spaces Centring Community Connection, Healing and Resiliency"

March 26, 2024

This ONTopic Series panel featured a conversation from leadership of two brave spaces in Ontario: the Woodland Cultural Centre and the newly opened Wildseed Centre for Art & Activism. Speakers Heather George (Woodland Cultural Centre) and Jessica Kirk (Wildseed Centre for Art & Activism) with moderator Debbie Owusu-Akyeeah (Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity) spoke on the politics of space in the arts and culture sector, and how gathering spaces can facilitate community connection, healing, and resiliency.

Read below for resources shared by the panelists for further learning.

About the Organizations

Wildseed Centre for Art & Activism, Toronto

Wildseed Centre for Art & Activism is a vessel that seeks to nurture Black creativity and experimentation. Inspired by Octavia Butler’s evocative novel, the Centre was birthed by Black Lives Matter artivists who hope to build an enduring space that could cultivate the most transformative and radical ideas. Learn more at wildseedcentre.com

Woodland Cultural Centre, Brantford

The Woodland Cultural Centre (WCC) serves to preserve, promote and strengthen Indigenous language, culture, art and history; bringing the story of the Hodinohsho:ni people of the Eastern Woodlands to life through innovative exhibitions and programs. As an organization with historic expertise and strong community connections, WCC has a key role to play in knowledge and learning through its program offerings, including museums, language, education, library and arts.Learn more at woodlandculturalcentre.ca

Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity, Ottawa

The Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity (CCGSD) is a national organization dedicated to building a future without discrimination for 2SLGBTQI+ youth and communities. Since 2005, CCGSD has grown to become one of the most influential 2SLGBTQ+ organizations in Canada, providing advocacy and education to schools, organizations, and communities across the country. Each year, they reach tens of thousands of Canadian youth in schools through workshops in their classrooms. CCGSD’s youth outreach and engagement projects reach thousands more youth either virtually or through partnerships with locally-focused community organizations. Learn more about the CCGSD at www.ccgsd-ccdgs.org

Resources to Learn More and Next Steps

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Thank you Heather George, Jessica Kirk and Debbie Owusu-Akyeeah for speaking on these important topics, and thank you to the Wildseed Centre for Art & Activism for hosting this event.