Photo Credit: Ontario Culture Days

Updated: June 11, 2020

Every podcast enthusiast both dreads and longs for the day when they’ve cleared their catalogue of unplayed episodes. And with a greater need for something to play in the background, there’s a good chance you’re racing through your favourite feeds quite often. What is there to do but find something new to enjoy? There’s certainly no shortage of shows pouring out of the floodgates, so finding something fresh for your ears isn’t hard.

We’ll make it even easier for you with our latest roundup of arts & podcasts.



In short format, Aliya Pabani (of the excellent Canadaland show, The Imposter) and Angela Shackel of the Toronto Biennial of Art sit down with artists to discuss their practice and processes. These bite-sized podcasts are a digestible way to explore the complexities of contemporary art and Toronto’s art scene.




If you’re really worried about running out of shows to listen to, then the National Arts Centre will put you at ease. The NAC has an entire suite of podcasts covering dance, performance, music, critique, and even food. Oh, and you can get several of the shows in French too, which is rare in the podcasting space. There’s great variety in the format of shows, with some quick listens and quite a few deep dives. They have a show for every occasion.




Our urban spaces are crawling with curiosities. Spacing Radio looks at the many ways we conceive of, move through, and work within our cities. The show primarily covers Toronto, but it occasionally looks at other cities across Ontario as well. There’s quite the back catalogue, and a companion magazine, so there’s plenty of material to enjoy.




Get to know some up and coming creatives from across the province and beyond. From cosplayers to muralists and improvisers, join Ryan Leacock, creator of the Creative People Podcast as he asks “Who are creative people? What makes us tick? Where do ideas come from? Why do we need to make stuff? When does inspiration strike?” and last but not least “How are ya doing?”