Kanika Gupta
& Amit Kehar

Discarded Treasures
In-Person Workshop
Sunday October 3rd, 2021
SAW Gallery, 67 Nicholas St, Ottawa

Artist talk
– Instagram LIVE

Monday November 15th, 7:30pm

Watch now

Did you ever think that food scraps affords a massive opportunity to play, explore, and imagine? Inspiration is at your fingertips and in your hands when you take a second look at everyday food waste. Visual artist Kanika Gupta and cinematographer Amit Kehar explore the reusability of these items through a video piece that  introduced macro-photography as a means to create stories. The video was followed by an in-person narrative workshop during the Ontario Culture Days Festival which encouraged participants to bring in their own food scraps to create characters and stories which was added to our online gallery below. After the festival, we unveiled the images on Instagram live and had a discussion with the artists.

Artists’ bio:
Through multi-modal and sensory based work, multimedia artist Kanika Gupta is passionate about engaging public audiences with art in ways that are meaningful and inclusive. Cinematographer Amit Kehar’s practice is dedicated to the art of creating and capturing emotion to bring others into worlds that highlight the reality of environments they otherwise wouldn’t experience.

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Discarded Treasures - Video

Final Images

Submissions from the public

by Rachelle Lavergne

by C. Tellis

by Rachelle Lavergne

by Bianca Fortier

by Nibu Mathew Babu

by Casidy Gerrard

by Sandra Tesolin

by Rachelle Lavergne

by Rachelle Lavergne


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Discarded Treasures by Kanika Gupta & Amit Kehar

2021 Creatives in Residence, Kanika Gupta and Amit Kehar, invite you to slow down and take a second look at every day discarded food scraps. What hidden treasures can you find when you do a double take?

Food as Craft: Kanika Gupta and Amit Kehar

The Creative in Residence duo, multimedia artist Kanika Gupta and cinematographer Amit Kehar, discuss resilience, approaching work from different perspectives, and their upcoming project as part of the Ontario Culture Days 2021 Festival.

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