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Located in eastern Ontario, Canada’s capital city presents you with impressive “big-ticket” possibilities, like Parliament Hill and national museums. Visit Ottawa proper for a rich cultural experience, and the satellite Hub of Prescott-Russell for a selection of arts and culture events for all ages.

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ON Culture Guide: Ottawa-Local

The nation’s capital is known for its impressive “big-ticket” possibilities: Parliament Hill, international festivals, nationally significant museums and more.  Walk, shop, and explore Ottawa-Local with our ON Culture Guide.

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Get Creative with Juliane Foronda

Juliane Foronda is a Filipina-Canadian artist, writer, and researcher. During her residency, she will research the board game archive at the Canadian Museum of History. From there, she will create a text-based installation scattering extracted board game phrases throughout the city of Ottawa. Through this, the city becomes similar to a game itself, with the public as participants. An interactive event will take place during the Festival.

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ON Culture Guide: Ottawa-Gatineau

Ottawa is reasonably walkable, and close to Gatineau, Quebec. Whether you’re exploring its many heritage sites, browsing its galleries, or taking scenic strolls along the river, or itching for a travel adventure across the west coast, you can do it all with our Ottawa-Gatineau ON Culture guide.

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Plan an Ontario Culture Days Outing with Eastern Hubs

Plan a cultural Fall staycation in Eastern Ontario! From puppetry shows, to hands-on workshops, to art exhibitions, to unique cultural happenings and live performances – find some Festival fun with Eastern Ontario’s Hubs and Organizers.

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To learn more about Ontario Culture days in the Ottawa Region, visit caprac.ca or contact info@caprac.ca

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