Photo Credit: Ontario Culture Days

While scrolling through our feed we’ve come across some homemade masterpieces, DIY’s and stories about how you’ve been keeping creative.

If you’ve become an aspiring artist in need of some inspiration, there is no better time than now to learn from the best. Galleries and museums across Ontario have mapped out some of the best places to find new art online, or maybe even on your daily walk. We’ve listed our favorite places to find admire art online.

Google Arts and Culture  Virtual Tours

Google Arts and Culture have many great virtual tours, including highlights from Ontario museums and galleries. Browse through exhibitions from institutions like the Art Gallery of OntarioThe Fashion History Museum and the Textile Museum of Canada.

Mapping Out Public Art Around Waterloo

The City of Waterloo has compiled a collection of public art around the city that can be viewed online. Explore their map or submit a piece of art through their Waterloo Windows Project.

Iconic Heritage Spots Around Toronto

A blast from the past.  Heritage Toronto has mapped out historic downtown, revealing the places and events that helped build one of Ontario’s busiest multicultural metropolis’

Uxbridge Public Art Tour

Feel the cool breeze as you cruise through Uxbridge by bike. The township has released four public art tours that will guide you to over 25 indoor and outdoor art installations.

BAND will be hosting an artist talk on July 11th for Owen V. Gordon’s first solo exhibition A World Asleep But Me.

With a title borrowed from a collection of unpublished poems by the artist, the exhibition sheds light on Gordon’s heightened engagement with the world—first experienced as a Jamaica native, and then as an immigrant to Canada. Find out more about the exhibition and Gordon himself here.