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Let’s Celebrate Indigenous Arts & Culture Organizations

June 1, 2024

Indigenous History Month is a time to honour the rich cultural diversity of Indigenous people across Canada. As a resource, we have highlighted a few of many Indigenous arts and culture organizations that operate within Ontario. We encourage you to search for and support Indigenous organizations in your region, as these organizations provide a platform for Indigenous artists and actively engage in the transfer and conservation of cultural knowledge, for future generations.

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imagineNATIVE showcases Indigenous cultures through media arts, featuring Indigenous-made films, videos, and digital media. The organization’s goal is to foster a deeper appreciation and knowledge among audiences worldwide, creating greater understanding of Indigenous peoples and cultures.

Muskrat Magazine

Parry Sound

MUSKRAT Magazine is an online Indigenous arts and culture magazine, and a platform that honours traditional knowledge through modern mediums. MUSKRAT Magazine preserves and revitalizes Indigenous narratives by featuring original works and critical commentary.

Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance


The Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance works to provide opportunities for First Nations, Inuit, and Métis performing artists, and arts and culture workers. Workers can connect with each other, gain skills and through professional development, and promote among the Indigenous Performing Arts Network. As well, the organization hosts an Intertribal Gathering that travels to different communities each year.

National Indigenous Media Arts Coalition


Part of the Independent Media Arts Alliance (IMAA), National Indigenous Media Arts Coalition works to advance the media arts community in Canada. Representing over eighty independent media arts organizations across Canada, NIMAC  supports, promotes, and advocates for Indigenous media artists and arts organizations within Canada. 

NWIA (Native Women in the Arts)


Native Women in the Arts promotes Indigenous women and other gender marginalized Indigenous artists working at the intersection of customary and contemporary practices. The organization supports multi-disciplinary artistic expression, serves as a site of artistic exchange, and connects diverse participants and audiences in Toronto and Northern Ontario.

Photo courtesy of Red Sky Performance

Red Sky Performance 


At the forefront of contemporary Indigenous performance, Red Sky Performance’s mission is to lead in the creation, elevation, and evolution of contemporary Indigenous performance. Now in its 23rd year of performance, the organization continues to inspire and engage audiences in Canada and around the world, and offer opportunities to emerging and established artists through a collaborative process.

Indigenous Arts Collective of Canada


The Indigenous Arts Collective of Canada creates safe and inclusive spaces for community-based learning to engage and empower Indigenous women, and conserve cultural knowledge for future generations.The IACC embodies the Haudenosaunee Seventh Generation Principle, Iehstoseranón:nha (Dawn). The organization is dedicated to preserving and revitalizing endangered Indigenous art forms, and to fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for Indigenous arts and culture. 

Kaha:wi Dance Theatre


Through a resurgent process and practice, Kaha:wi Dance Theatre carves out a space for Indigenous audiences to witness themselves and their stories into the performing arts industry. Actively promoting Indigenous voices and philosophies, and led by Artistic Director Santee Smith, Kaha:wi Dance Theatre produces and shares her work and the work of other artistic collaborators.

Debajehmujig Creation Centre


Debajehmujig is the only professional theatre company located on a Reserve in Canada. Located on Wikwemikong Unceded Reserve, The Debajehmujig Creation Centre hosts a variety of events, including plays, festivals, comedy shows and traditional teachings. Their work reflects the intrinsic reality of Indigenous life and the stories that have been passed down for thousands of years by storytellers, musicians, record keepers and dancers.



KAY-NAH-CHI-WAH-NUNG is owned and operated by the Rainy River First Nations hosts has a gallery, a collection with over 16,000 artifacts, a gift shop that features Indigenous artwork, and that uses traditional ingredients in its menu. The Centre is an educational resource for the community, and allows Rainy River First Nations to educate visitors about Ojibwe history, language, geography, culture, and traditions.

Native Earth Performing Arts


Native Earth is Canada’s oldest professional Indigenous-owned theatre company. Initially performing at The Theatre Centre and the Native Canadian Centre, and touring to various First Nation Reserves, Native Earth now manages and operates its own venue, Aki Studio. Visitors can find the studio in Daniels Spectrum, an arts and cultural centre in Toronto’s Regent Park.

Photo courtesy of Woodland Cultural Centre

Woodland Cultural Centre


Established in 1972, the Woodland Cultural Centre facilitates educational opportunities, innovative exhibitions, language resources, and the promotion of Indigenous artists. The organization also fosters relationships with community-based organizations, academia, and cultural institutions to produce multi-disciplinary programming. With over 50,000 artifacts in the Museum collection, the Centre has one of the largest facilities in Canada managed and administered by First Nations.

Northern Indigenous Artist Alliance (NIAA)

Northern Ontario

The Northern Indigenous Artist Alliance (NIAA) is an online organization dedicated to serving Indigenous artists in Northern Ontario. It provides support, promotion, and advocacy for these artists, fostering collaboration and exchange among artists, curators, critics, and cultural organizations across the province.

Indigenous Protocols dot Art


Indigenous Protocols dot Art is an online resource that provides practical guidelines for respectful engagement with Indigenous Peoples, as well as the legal and moral rights of Indigenous artists in the territory known as Canada. Because of the complexities of Intellectual and Cultural Property rights, the site is continually updated as more information becomes available.