Ontario Culture Days has partnered with Scugog Arts to present a cooking demonstration with Tamara Green, chef and founder of Indigenesis. 

This video is part of Ontario Culture Days’ Creative Residency program.

Follow along as personal chef Tamara Green of Indigenesis shows you how to make a clay-baked bison roast paired with a wild ginger and blackberry sauce.

Tamara focuses her menus on using only pre-contact ingredients, using traditional Indigenous cooking methods and re-imagining them with modern cooking techniques. She has said what she likes about focusing on pre-colonial food is both sharing the history, and giving people a historical experience through food.

Want to make the recipe yourself? You’ll need the following:


Bison Roast

1 bison roast

1/4 C of any meat rub (Tamara recommends a wild game rub with alder catkins and chaga mushrooms!)

1/4 C maple sugar

1/4 C kosher salt

1 L hay

1 bunch fresh sage


Blackberry Sauce

1 pint blackberries

1 pint plums

1/4 C dark maple syrup

1/2 C maple vinegar

1 teaspoon wild ginger root

pinch of salt

About Tamara Green

Tamara Green is the founder and chef behind Indigenesis, a catering company focusing on blending pre-contact Indigenous ingredients with modern cooking methods. Tamara began her journey into Indigenous cuisine when she wanted to find traditional meals to make her Mohawk grandfather. Through Indigenesis, Tamara looks to teach people about what Indigenous cuisine looked like before colonisation. Tamara works throughout Durham Region and the Peterborough area.

About Scugog Arts

Established in 2005, Scugog Arts is a not-for-profit organization with a volunteer board of directors and is dedicated to providing a strong voice for arts and culture in Scugog Township and to promoting and growing the arts in all areas of the community. SA members include individuals, businesses and organizations that participate in or support a vibrant local cultural scene, which includes theatre, music, dance, visual and graphic art, craft, literary arts, and arts education.

Feature Image: Tamara Green, Indigenesis Pop-up, Scugog Council for the Arts, 2020