Photo Credit: Ontario Culture Days

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Welcome to Kingston, home to historic sites, stunning pieces of art, and a bustling Culture Days community. Ontario Culture Days Creative Residents Kornel Wolak and Clelia Scala have some recommendations for a perfect Day in the Life is like in this “Limestone City.”

Kornel and Clelia’s Picks:

  • You must stop at Kingston’s stunning Springer Market Square, the heart of the city. While you’re there you won’t be able to miss it’s historical City Hall
  • Downtown Kingston’s Public Market is the oldest in Ontario, and has been providing fruit and veg to residents since 1801!
  • Across the street, Studio 22 is a great place to pick up a new work of art
  • You won’t want to miss Morrison’s Restaurant, a classic diner and Kingston institution
  • For all you artists out there, Art Noise is the spot to pick up supplies. Clelia says before she lived in Kingston she would visit just to buy their Tri-Art paints!

Culture Days Programming

If you take a stroll around Kingston, you might realize why this city has been named the “Limestone City”. From houses to forts and town halls, you will find a collection of charming limestone heritage sites popping up around every corner. These sites might have a pale shell but the programs they host are colorful as ever. Take a look at some of their highlights:

  • Join professional puppet designer Clelia Scala and clarinet soloist Kornel Wolak on September 30th as they lead you through a whimsical shadow puppet performance and workshop. Learn how to create your own shadow puppet as well as how to curate a great story to share with your family and friends. For more information about this program click here.
  • GRIT: Intergenerational Women Artists Collective from Kingston will be hosting a window art installation and LONGING poetry reading from September 25 to October 4. Click here to learn more about this program.
  • Agnes Etherington Art Centre will be launching their Art and Wellness 4- part Speaker Series about thinking creatively, art in communities, art in museums, and Indigenous practices. Listen in from October 2- 23rd right here.

For a full list of events in Kingston click here.

Throughout the entire Culture Days festival, we’ll be dropping in on many different communities across the province. Hit the button below to check out the growing roster of these featured communities.