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Welcome to Huntsville, the heart of cottage country in Ontario! This town is a four-season destination, and is home to a thriving cultural scene. We asked Matt Huddlestone of the Algonquin Theatre about a few must-sees in Huntsville.

If you’re already in Muskoka, then chances are you enjoy a lovely view or two. Even here in town, you can get glimpses into the landscape painted by the Group of Seven with replica murals which decorate the walls in every direction. But if you’re keen on enjoying the real thing, then the Muskoka Heritage Place is a good start. There is the pioneer-era village, or take a hike up to Lions Lookout to enjoy the view of Fairy Lake.

Anyone in the winter can strap on their skis and go for a late-night trek through Arrowhead Provincial Park, always certain of the way ahead thanks to the tiki torches flanking the path. Or, if you’re happy to just settle in for good food and drink, then there are a number of local breweries and restaurants, some of them overlooking the Muskoka River.

Hunstville is well-known for its theatre scene, but it is also home to painters, sculptors, and even foundries. As you go around town, you’ll see that a number of artists have taken to creating outdoor galleries since going inside isn’t ideal at the moment.

Ontario Culture Days Programming

  • In Huntsville, you can meet the famous painter Tom Thomson frozen in time with a paintbox on his lap, with a panel inserted in the slots of the lid. After finishing his sketch, he would close the box which would protect the painting from smudging until he was able to return to camp and take it out to dry. This way of working was also adopted by many of Thomson’s friends who would go on to form the Group of Seven. The Huntsville/Lake of Bays Chamber of Commerce is inviting participants to visit the area and take a selfie with Tom Thomson here. 
  • In Huntsville, there is lots to be explored! Take a scenic tour of their outdoor art, including murals that have been hand-painted by select artists from across Canada. They are are displayed on the exterior walls of businesses and public buildings throughout the Huntsville, Lake of Bays, and Algonquin Park region perfect for a fall drive. Take a look here.

Throughout the entire Ontario Culture Days festival, we’ll be dropping in on many different communities across the province. Hit the button below to check out the growing roster of these featured communities.