Photo courtesy of Brampton Library

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Welcome to Brampton!

Meet Todd Kyle, CEO of the Brampton Library, which has been a key organizer for local artists and culture groups of all kinds for many years of the Ontario Culture Days festival. Since the start of the pandemic, Surita Dey (Coordinator, Community Engagement & Partnerships) and her team have reimagined their library programs to suit a virtual platform and be as inclusive as possible offering Brampton’s diverse community access to share, discover, learn, and grow.

B-Jazzed performing. Photo courtesy of Brampton Library.

With over 120 events registered in the Brampton Library Events Hub, you’re sure to find something to catch your eye. Brampton is offering content for all ages and interests, including workshops, a slam poetry competition, folk dances, a 3D-printed art installation, and much more. 

In addition to the Brampton Library, other Brampton arts organizations joining in include the new cultural agency ACCIDA, the FOLD festival, Broadening Horizons, Jade’s Hip Hop Academy, The Hive Performing Arts, Brampton Music Theatre, B-Jazzed, Peel Choral Society, Brampton Festival Singers, and ACISA. With all these organizers hard at work, there’s something for everyone.

The I'm Amazing workshop with Timothy Spokes. Photo courtesy of Brampton Library.

Some of Todd’s favourite places to experience culture in Brampton include The Rose Theatre and Garden Square, Peel Art Gallery Museum & Archives and Visual Arts Brampton, Beaux Arts Brampton which are all located in the dynamic downtown core. Surita jumped in with some great recommended places to eat/visit:

  1. Fanzorelli’s is a great Italian place with a friendly atmosphere situated in the downtown core.
  2. King Tandoori is one of her favourite South Asian restaurants.
  3. Brampton Farmers Market is held in downtown Brampton and brings together the community.